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Helen Frankenthaler

The American artist changed the future of abstract art with the invention of the soak stain technique, a process involving the pouring of thinned paint onto canvases. With this method, the paint soaks into the canvas and gives the final product a more two-dimensional appearance compared to methods of similar artists including Jackson Pollock. Her work influences his creative approach thus began the color field movement. Her exploration of color is beautiful and captivating, yet does not have the same heaviness or harshness as other color field painters. Instead, her work is soft and emotive.

Joe Cruz

The mixed media artist focuses on the color and experimentation. He often collaborates across the music and fashion industries. Some of his previous work includes fashion editorials, campaigns and show invitations, sweatshirt designs and album artwork. While he works out of a studio in London, he is heavily influenced by his French, Spanish and Austrian background and heavy research of art movements around the world. He aims to promote acceptance and diversity. His names his process as the most important part of his work and is constantly collecting materials.



Sies Marjan

Hosted in his atelier, Sies Marjan's Spring/Summer '18 collection was heavily connected to the creative process. He took a step back and reimagined himself as a colorist, focusing on one of the basic elements of art. The collection was a mix of bright, saturated colors and softer ones. Overall, he presented one of our favorite collections of the season.