Women & Art

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The first shoot of the issue is a study of the female body and its history in art. In its conception, we drew inspiration from Matisse's 'Blue Nude II', Christiane Spansberg and Caroline Walls' prints, paintings of Venus and Greek sculpture. With all of the news surrounding sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, especially in creative fields, we took a moment to celebrate the beauty of the female body in a safe and supportive space, with an all female team. It felt necessary to produce a genuine shoot that honors and appreciates the simplistic beauty of nudity and re-imagines the relationship between the artist and the muse. We wanted to create visuals that capture the inherent art in humanity and through light and form, communicate the serenity of being naked. For this project, we teamed up with Girlgaze-represented photographer Heather Hazzan in an effort build upon her previous shoots. Her work was as much an inspiration for this piece as Matisse, Spansberg or Walls.

We invite you to take a look, reflect, respect, and engage.

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