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Atelier Brancusi

Place Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
+33 1 44 78 12 33


In 1956, Constantin Brancusi bequeathed his entire studio to the French state on the condition that they would reconstruct it after his death. The studio now on display was reconstructed by architect Renzo Piano and the Centre Pompidou. It is located in the square opposite of the museum, and offers free admission. During his life, his studio was a social destination, serving as a haven for artists in post-war France. He found the space he showcased his work as important as the artwork itself. Atelier Brancusi is open from 2-6 everyday but Tuesdays and May 1st.


 Photo courtesy of  Mr. Larkin

Photo courtesy of Mr. Larkin

Mr. Larkin Shop

Nørre Allé 1, 2200 København N, Denmark

The Copenhagen and Houston based boutique carries some of our favorite designers including Regina Pyo, Trademark and Sophie Buhai. The shop owner Casey Larkin Blond also has her own label with the same name as the shop. In recent seasons Blond found particularly strong inspiration in Matisse, his muse Lydia Delectroskaya, his cutouts, and the poetry of Christina Rossetti. 


The Wing

52 Mercer St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013

Join the all women’s co-working community with two locations in New York, a third coming soon, and a fourth opening in DC sometime in 2018. The space and community make an effort to support women in every way possible; they have a library featuring all women authors, a lactation room, and snacks from dimes, a Lower East Side restaurant started by two women. They also host a variety of events with the intention of expanding networks and growing communities.

 Photo courtesy of The Wing

Photo courtesy of The Wing

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Turning Earth

Railway Arches 361-362, Whiston Rd, London, United Kingdom E2 8BW

 +44 20 7729 4819

Turning Earth is ceramics studio in London offering classes, membership, and community events. Their open-access studio membership can be compared to a gym membership: members pay a monthly fee and come whenever they choose. They're given equipment and then are free to work with a team of experts on hand to offer help and advice. The first location opened in 2013, and they then expanded into a second location this year.