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Henri Matisse

One of the most famous artists of all time, Matisse practiced painting, drawing, collaging and sculpture. He's a master of craft and his process is as admirable as his finished works. With many of his most famous pieces he created and recreated the works, making slight adjustments each time as a measure of his improvement. The artist is most known for his use of color, pointilist technique, and still lifes. It wasn't until later in life, after struggling with cancer and facing medical limitations, that Matisse began his collages with cutouts. They are among his most influential work.

Caroline Walls

The Australian artist Caroline Walls explores the female form in her paintings, drawings, screen-prints, and soft sculptures. Her minimalist approach highlights curves and the shape of the body. After living in London and New York, she's returned to Melbourne where she lives and works. With several recent solo shows in Sydney and Melbourne and a growing Instagram following, it's only a matter of time before her work shows internationally.


Christiane Spansberg

Christiane Spansberg creates to learn. Through her work, she pushes herself and tests her senses. Before her show in Sydney, she spent the summer experimenting with closed-eye, one line drawings and free hand looking directly at the sculptures rather than her own paper. In her work, she focuses on the human body and finds beauty in the imperfections of the naked body. Throughout her study of art, she's found inspiration most specifically in Picasso's animal line drawings and fauvism, most notably practiced by Matisse and Derain.