Note From dimanche: dimanche loves the pastel colors and spider lashes that defined the 60s - they make us feel confident and ready to dance. The women of the 60s were original and bold, wearing their quirky looks with pride.  


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       Colorful, creative, eccentric, and bold: the 1960s ushered in an era of  festive makeup that went beyond accentuating features to fit a beauty standard. The 60s were a time of makeup creativity, as fashion magazines and everyday women began to see makeup as a form of artistic self expression. Trends were quickly changing in fashion and makeup followed suit, allowing women to experiment with new looks.


         With the advent of color television, women everywhere began to see their idols in technicolor, and wanted to emulate the daring colorful looks that they saw on screens. Recognizing their market, makeup brands like Max Factor and Yardley began to sell colorful lipsticks, shimmery pastel eyeshadows, and bright blushes in drugstores everywhere. Their creative ads were widely distributed in fashion magazines, enticing potential buyers with vibrant looks and quirky inspiration.



          Twiggy, the iconic model of the 1960s, invented her classic makeup look while on set. In the 60s, there were generally no makeup artists on editorial fashion shoots. The lanky 16 year old Twiggy improvised, creating one of the most famous makeup looks ever. Inspired in part by the silent film starlets’ eyeliner heavy looks of the 1930s, Twiggy used drawn on eyeliner lashes and pastel lids to create a wide eyed innocence that resonated with audiences all over the world. Her original take on a classic look launched her into superstardom and provided influenced women’s makeup for years to come (dimanche often uses her looks as inspiration for our dimanche EDITS).  

         The hippie movement also made its mark on makeup history with floral eyeshadow designs. No longer content to express their love for peace with just clothing, young women experimented with drawing flowers on their faces, creating one of the boldest looks of the century.

          With a myriad of influences from television, fashion, music, and social movements, young women of the 60s turned to creativity when getting ready in the morning. They took advantage of colorful new products to try out new trends, creating looks that would stand the test of time.



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Words by Elena Scott

Images  sourced from Pinterest