Note from dimanche: We see the dimanche. girl sprawled on a velvet couch in a Renzo Mongiardino room, sharing a glass of champagne with friends (or lovers). Dripping in romanticism, the room matches her mood. When thinking about the theme of space, Mongiardino came to our minds as the interior designer that best reflects the dimanche girl’s dreamy inner world.




Renzo Mongiardino’s spaces seem to belong to their own universe. With lush textures, jewel tones and layered colors, and a distinct blend of historical references, Mongiardino transformed everyday homes into spaces decked in his personal vision of beauty.

Trained in architecture and set design (he was nominated for two Academy Awards for Art Design in Film), Mongiardo brought a scholarly and referential approach to his work. He, transformed interior design of the 20th century into an educated art form. He was born in 1916 in Genoa, Italy, and studied architecture in Milan during his adolescence.

His work is dominated by extravagant historical references, often featuring Greek and Roman statuettes and the prodigious art collections of his patrons. Walking into one of his rooms is an overwhelming experience, with colors and textures coating every wall and surface to be seen. Golden yellows, deep reds, and forest greens played heavily in his work, and he favored dark mahogany woods and crystal accents.

Mongardio’s spaces were highly influenced by an interest in design from different countries and time periods. He studied Islamic design, Indian color palettes, and above all, the Italian Renaissance to combine aesthetics in one room. Particular artists that inspired him were Michelangelo, Palladino, and Bernini, and he emulated

their colorful paintings in real life with antique fabrics, carpets, and artifacts.

A self described “creator of ambience,” Mongiardo became a highly sought after architect and interior designer of the 20th century, designing the homes of some of the world’s wealthiest families. His work includes interiors for Gianni Versace, Aristotle Onassis, and Princess Firyal of Jordan. Clients for his personal consultations. He loved working closely with clients to set the scene for their daily lives

His background in theatrical and film illuminates the illusionistic choices that often appear in his homes. Faux marble, painted plywood imitating moroccan tile, and sham walls may seem contradictory to the meticulously researched plans and detailed tiny models of each room. Yet the atmosphere and emotion that a room evoked in its inhabitants, was what Mongiardo prized the most. Within this context, his choice to adhere to a vision no matter what materials attests to his creativity. Ingenious stagecraft created an atmosphere of romance and opulence, no matter the foundations.

Passionate, artistic, maximalist, and lush; Mondgiardio’s interiors are more than just a background. Living in such a carefully crafted space provides encouragement to create a beautiful life to match.


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Words by Elena Scott