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Note from dimanche: This exclusive members clubs in London was recently redesigned, and the resulting interiors leave us breathtaken. If you’ve ever wanted to live within a fairy tale, Annabel’s is the space for you.




        The Georgian townhouse at 46 Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London may look unassuming, but step inside to enter a fantasy world of breathtaking design. Annabel’s Mayfair—the legendary nightclub, restaurant, and members club—recently moved to this house, bringing with it a storied history of royal visitors and iconic performers. In 2017, the space underwent a complete renovation led by designer Martin Brudnizki. His transformation of the space from a ordinary office into a design dreamworld earns Annabel’s a spot in dimanche’s space issue.

      The space’s redesign cost 55 million pounds and it shows; each room seems to be the epitome of extravagance. Annabel’s consists of a basement nightclub, several dining rooms based around different visual and culinary themes, a garden, and a wine cellar. Motifs of flora and fauna run throughout, and the space is awash in color.

      The nightclub space is themed around Wenzel Peter’s painting The Garden of Eden. It evokes the exotic through rich jewel tones, animal prints, and painted walls. Its dance floor and DJ booth are surrounded by golden palm trees, emphasizing the tropical motif.

        dimanche’s favorite space at Annabel’s is the Rose room, a dining space in complementing pinks and greens. With floral embroidery, impressionist paintings, and a rose petal themed bar, the space is romantic and inviting. Also on this floor is the extravagant ladies’ room, a space often overlooked by designers but just as decked out as the rest of the interiors at Annabel’s. As seen with these sumptuous bathrooms, no inch of the townhouse is left unadorned with flowers or rich fabrics.

        The other spaces at Annabel’s continue the floral and maximalist theme, creating an almost otherworldly ambience. Interior designer Brudnizki described Annabel’s as an “extraordinary” project that is “all about glamour and pure fantasy.”

        To gain access to Annabel’s you must be invited, either by knowing a member of the club or becoming one yourself. If all else fails, the dimanche girl would make a new friend at the door…

Apply for membership at Annabel’s here.


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by Elena Scott