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Note from dimanche: Brianna Capozzi’s new book Well Behaved Women paints an off-kilter picture of several celebrity gals redefining womanhood today. We admire Capozzi and love these kooky images for highlighting the quirkiness of each spotlighted lady. Together they show us that strength comes in many different forms and that being a strong woman doesn’t mean never being vulnerable.




      Dover Street Market was the ideal host for the book’s launch. Their unconventional clothing played backdrop for the night. The crowd included all of the women featured in the book, and many others equally as strong. Capozzi signed and sold copies.

      Inside the pages of her new monograph, she features eight of the women that inspire her the most; her mother Marie Capozzi, Guinevere Van Seenus, Okwui Okpokwasili, Natasa Vojnovic, Chloe Sevigny, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Mari Malek, and Aerial East. While her relationship with each of these women began at different times and flourished over different circumstances, the intimacy of their relationship is undeniable. In her Instagram posts leading up to the book launch, Capozzi speaks to the collaborative creative process between herself and her

muses. She honors their willingness to co-create with her and thanks them for going beyond her imagination. While Capozzi’s work clearly shines throughout book, it’s more of an homage to women and the raw creativity in their collaborations. In addition to the models, Capozzi worked with stylists Emma Wyman, Haley Wollens and Delphine Danhier, whose work was equally instrumental in capturing the mood.

      There’s a charming awkwardness in the pages that makes us feel just a little more sane, or at least in good company in our insanity. The images with multiple girls express the natural intimacy and uninhibited goofiness of female friendships. As a whole, the book depicts oddity and grown-up playfulness at their most honest. Well Behaved Women is the newest addition to our bookshelf.


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Words by Carly Smith

Photos by Brianna Capozzi