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Each theme teaches us something new about ourselves and pushes us to further imagine the company we want to be. This month we sought out people and places that inspire us by being unique. They taught us to be unafraid of being different and the importance of confidence. We learned that our QUIRKS are what make us. We played with eccentric makeup, wore many hats, and met some pretty cool people. 


How did the shoot  A Tea-less Tea Party  change the way you will approach future shoots?

This was our second studio shoot with very minimal set design. We found all of the props at my Great Aunt’s old house while we were looking for Supper Club materials. We drove to Baltimore 48 hours before the shoot on a random whim and stumbled upon the QUIRKiest stuff we could imagine. There was a lot of behind the scenes work, but on the actual shoot day, we used everything in a very simple manner. We feel that this is one of our most dimanche EDITS and we will definitely be playing in the studio more in the future. 


What were some of your favorite moments from this theme’s preparation?

Eating salad in the shoot van with knives as chopsticks, meeting Albertus Swanepool in his hat filled atelier (he seems like a story book character), watching movie after movie and finding new favorites for the launch of our Library (coming soon), listening to new artists for our event with So Far Sounds and the launch of our themed playlists on Spotify


Who else’s work inspired different elements of this issue?

Venetia Scott, Emma Brewin, Alexander Saladrigas, Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet


Past Issues

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