Rue Saint-Croix de la Bretonnerie was, in many ways, the beginning. In a two bedroom apartment in the middle of le Marais, two girls began a journey of self discovery. Over many bottles of wine, hours under heat lamps at brasseries, picnics in parks and neighborhood strolls, they learned to open their eyes and minds. Together they learned the art of living and with that a beautiful friendship was born.


Les dimanches, Sundays in French, are for enjoyment, for pursuing what makes you happy, and taking time to appreciate life's simple pleasures.


dimanche creative is an online magazine and creative agency that emphasizes cross-discipline collaboration and the broad spectrum of art. dimanche journal, the magazine, focuses on the art of living and brings together an array of people with various backgrounds to dig deep. Whether creating a photo story or engaging in a conversation, dimanche journal's community focuses on exploring their passions, pushing boundaries and always learning from one another. dimanche media is a full service agency focused on bringing brand stories to life. We develop strategies, create content, and plan and execute events that develop connections between brands and people.


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