Meet Me at The Roxy

The Roxy Entrance

Sitting on a triangular island between 6th Avenue and Church street, The Roxy Hotel is located in Tribeca, amidst a cultural mecca of the past. The 70’s transformed the area; industrial spaces turned to artists’ lofts and the scene from SoHo shifted west. Artists were anxious to receive the rights to live and work in the same space and so they substantiated a neighborhood to rally support. From this point, TriBeCa developed to become an area rich in art. Icons and institutions emerged within its streets. While the neighborhood saw a fall with the aftermath of 9/11, it has built itself back up again. It may no longer be home to the struggling artist, but it has not lost it’s ties to the art world. Famed actors, singers, designers, and chefs reside here and internationals travel here to celebrate the arts with the annual TriBeCa Film Fest and bi-annual fashion weeks. As the area continues to transform, The Roxy remains a bridge between one era and the next.

Roxy Hotel Studio King_preview.jpg
Roxy_Oyster Bar_1_preview.jpg

Boasting 201 uniquely designed guest rooms, a jazz club and theater, the hotel encapsulates the spirit of the neighborhood within its walls; it’s a transportative experience. Balancing somewhere between New York and Paris, the decor evokes a unique European flair that connects with New Yorkers and visitors alike. The Roxy follows the downtown tradition of imagination, pushing boundaries, and contributing to a creative hub with an old school artistic influence. It welcomes every creative crowd. Downstairs is The Roxy Hotel cinema, created with the hope of evoking the essence of the original 1927 Roxy Theater. The current lavish and luxurious theater has 99 brown leather seats and uses either digital or 35mm to feature independent films that have an avant-garde flair. The Roxy’s other basement sensation, the Django, is styled after a 1920’s Parisian jazz bar. The bar has cave-like low lying ceilings and rounded deconstructed walls that are splattered with the staining effects of time and an old-school graffiti design. The Roxy is a beacon of TriBeCa, bringing the most dynamic parts old-school New York into the modern era.


Words by Rory McCarthy

Photos Courtesy of Grand Life Hotels