Clara Diez was a 22 year old media communications major when she stumbled into to the world of cheese. She quickly became fascinated with the complexities of artisan cheesemaking and spent her time exploring dairy farms across Spain. Through her excursions she connected with other young cheesemakers who are changing the scene and creating diversity. After falling in love with the process, Clara and a family friend joined together to start artisan cheese company Cultivo. We found Clara through our  love for cheese and appreciated her take on the art of living. Follow along as her passion for cheese takes her across countries, this time to Kenya, where she learned about local milk and cheese production and explored the country’s natural beauty. 




What's your favorite kind of cheese?

In general terms, lactic cheeses. A lactic cheese is a cheese made with little to no rennet; the fermentation process starts thanks to the bacterias that are naturally on the milk.  This kind of cheeses are usually made with raw milk as it has all the bacteriology that comes from the environment, prompting the coagulation of the milk naturally. These cheeses are usually very mild, quite young (20- 30 days of aging) and they usually have a moldy rind that gives them a salty touch and a lot of texture.

Favorite way to eat cheese…

With a nice wine (preferably natural wine), sourdough bread and salty butter. I love to spread butter over the bread and then eat it together with the cheese: if the butter is good, there is not anything better in this world! Good company is also important. Oh! also some olives.

Best wine pairing…

I generally prefer white wines to pair with cheese: they need to be light and fresh, a bit acidic, so it cleans and refresh your mouth after eating the cheese. A good pairing needs to be equilibrate and delicate, any flavor should stand out above the other.



Photos & captions courtesy of Clara Diez

Words by Elena Scott